Meet Charlie, our adopted Doodle!

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

As a couple, I feel like it's important to have at least a few things in common that are key pillars in your personality. For us, it's animals. We are 100% dog people. So, on this day two months ago we adopted a puppy from our favorite animal shelter!

A little over a year ago, Dante and I started looking for a dog! We had just started living together and thought getting a dog would be an appropriate next step. We started visiting local animal shelters around Atlanta, playing with dogs and puppies, but couldn't agree on "the right one."

In June, we flew to Chicago for my mom's wedding and came back with one of the dogs I'd had since college, Jax. He's a 5-year-old Pomeranian who is really sweet, super smart, and very well-trained. He and Dante bonded instantly.

Before we got Jax, we registered as Foster parents at Best Friends Animal Society. Their goal is to "save them all," which means finding a loving home for every animal they rescue. We know we couldn't adopt every dog they had, but we were absolutely open to fostering them on a rolling basis until the right family came along.

In July 2020, I got an email from Lindy Foster, the Foster Coordinator at Best Friends Atlanta! The email read

"We are working with one of our network partners to rescue 40 dogs from a hoarding situation. We desperately need fosters for these dogs. This is an active case, so we have very little information right now. However, most of them are Poodles, King Charles Spaniels, and Maltese. They will likely need baths and grooming. Pick-ups for these dogs will start on Friday. Please respond if you are able to help with this! 

Naturally, I responded immediately. I told her we were ready and willing. When I talked to Dante later that day, he said he wouldn't mind adopting one of the King Charles Spaniels. We already have a tiny 9-pound dog, so he was interested in something a tad bigger. When a volunteer from the shelter finally called me, she said they only had poodles and doodles (they aren't sure if they were Labradoodles or Goldendoodles). She asked if we wanted a puppy or an adult dog, and we agreed that it would be better to get a puppy then train it!

So the day finally came and I couldn't wait to meet our new friend! Dante was at work, so I asked my friend Sierra to come with me to pick up the puppy. The plan was to go in as foster parents, but if we connected with the dog, we'd adopt. I sat down with a volunteer and asked for a puppy and said that I preferred a boy. A few other volunteers overheard me and asked if I wanted the only chocolate brown puppy they had. His name was Charlie. Before I saw him, the answer was yes.

He was already 10 pounds when we got him and only 3-4 months old! So, it was clear that Charlie was not going to be another tiny dog. By the time I got him home, I loved him already. By the end of the day, we agreed to sign the adoption papers. He was so cute and sweet and awkward and silly, who wouldn't fall in love with him?

Once the adoption papers were signed and he was officially ours, I took him to the family vet. He got a check-up, all his shots, and his first dog-tag! The vet informed me that Charlie still had tons of puppy teeth, so he couldn't have been born earlier than April, and that he could grow to be anywhere between 50 - 90 pounds!

Fast for two months later and Charlie is already 26.5 pounds! He is growing up so fast. Our good boy knows how to go up and down the stairs, jump on the couch, play fetch, and sit on command. We're still working on the potty training, but we're 80% there.

Charlie was a great addition to our family. I'm proud to say we have two very good boys. He may think he's lucky to have us, but we're lucky to have found him.

If you're looking for an animal or missing some love in your life that only an animal can give, please adopt, don't shop. Breeding can be tempting but there are so many animals who are sitting in a shelter waiting for you to take them home.

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